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Monday, August 20, 2012


I had the privilage of hanging out with Laura and Lance-A-Lot over the weekend at our disc dog club's Star Jam!  It was a fun night... until the sky turned blood red and the lightening started showing it's ugly head.

Laura is a gifted dog trainer, and Lance is a DOLL FACE who knows a gazillion tricks. This is where Laura will pipe up and say that it's not a gazillion. But I'm here to tell you that if it's not a gazillion, it's at least like a million. Or somewhere in that range.  He's so smart and he's got huge ears and everything he does is way too adorable.

Anyways, Andrew Han was visiting here in the land of ten thousand (15,000+) lakes and we got a front row seat to view some of Lance's tricks! It got me thinking and asking about how to train some of them.

Today, I recieved a list of awesome dog tricks to play with (thank you, Laura!) and I'm so excited to start working on some of them! Hopefully I won't be a total sandbagger and I'll remember to video some of the stuff. Or at least take photos?  But I'm making no promises.

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